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Date : 10-15-13

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About this site

Lub vas sab hmonglanguage.net no yog tsim thiab tuav los ntawm Ywj Pheej L. Xyooj thiab Hmong Language Inc. (HLI) nyob nroog Xees Phaus, xeev Misnisxaustas, teb chaws Meskas. Nws yog thawj thawj zaug nyob hauv keeb kwm uas peb Hmoob ras thiab txhawj xeeb txog peb cov lus Hmoob tshaj yav dhau los lawm, mob siab tshawb fawb thiab tsim lus Hmoob tshaj yav dhau los lawm. Tej tus los yog tej pawg kuj tshawb fawb tau zoo, thiab tsim lus tshiab raws kev tshawb fawb thiab haum rau peb Hmoob thoob ntuj siv. Tej tus los yog tej pawg mas kuj lam ua raws lawv tus kheej txoj kev xav, kev npau suav, los yog kev ntseeg ntuj. Qhov no yog teeb meem rau lus Hmoob niaj hnub no.

Niaj hnub no peb Hmoob ri mus nyob thoob ntuj plaws. Peb kuj muaj ntau pawg Hmoob, feem ntau yog nyob rau teb chaws Suav, uas ib pawg hais lus ib pawg tsis paub zoo lawm. Peb sib ncaim puag thaum twg lawm? Peb cov lus sib ncau puag thaum twg lawm? Niaj hnub no peb muaj lus nug ntau dua lus teb.

Tau ntau pua los yog txhiab xyoo dhau los lawm, peb Hmoob tau sib ncaim ntawm daim av uas niam no yog teb chaws Suav mus rau txhua txoj kev, vim txoj kev ua tsov ua rog nrog rau haiv neeg Suav thiab lwm haiv neeg. Txoj kev sib nrug tau ua rau peb Hmoob pauv hloov mus ua peb pawg loj loj xws li cov Xyooj los yog Qas Xyooj nyob xeev Huj Naj thiab Huj Pej (los yog sab hnub tuaj), cov Hmub thiab Qas Naus nyob rau xeev Kim Tsawb thiab Kuam Xyib (los yog sab nruab nrab), thiab cov Hmoob, Moob, thiab A-Hmauv nyob xeev Yuj Naj, Kuam Xyib, Xim Tshuab, thiab Kim Tsawb hnub poob. Xyoo 2010, tag nrho cov Hmoob nyob rau lub teb chaws Suav muaj ze rau 10 pua vam (10 million) leej.

Nyob dhau sab nraum lub teb chaws Suav lawm, peb muaj kwv yees li ob puas vam (2 million) tus Hmoob nyob rau teb chaws Nyablaj, Nplog, Thaib, Phabmab, thiab, tom qab xyoo 1975, Meskas, Kasnasdas, Fabkis, Kabkis Nkisyas, Ntsawsmesnis, Auvtaslias, thiab lwm lub teb chaws.

Yeeb vim ib pawg nyob ib qho thiab hais lus sib txawv ntau lawm, tseem fwv Suav thiaj tsim peb tus ntawv sib txawv me ntsis rau peb pawg Hmoob nyob rau teb chaws Suav, cov nyob sab hnub tuaj, cov nruab nrab, thiab cov sab hnub poob. Cov nyob rau Nplog teb thiab txawv teb chaws los lawv kuj muaj lawv ib tus ntawv thiab. Yog tsis kawm, ib tus Hmoob yeej nyeem tsis tau lwm tus Hmoob tus ntawv. Nws thiaj yog kev tu ncua txoj kev sib raug zoo thiab txoj kev vam meej rau haiv neeg Hmoob.

Lub hom phiaj ntawm lub vas sab no yog nrhiav kev rau peb Hmoob thoob ntuj rov los tshawb thiab kawm peb cov lus, saib peb puas yuav txhim kho tau ib tus ntawv rau Hmoob thoob ntuj siv, kom peb muaj kev sib to taub, muaj kev sib raug zoo, muaj kev sib pab tau zoo, thiab muaj kev vam meej tshaj yav dhau los lawm. 

Thov caw txhua tus Hmoob uas nyiam tshawb thiab txhawb lus Hmoob los nrog HLI txhim kho peb cov lus Hmoob kom txhob poob ntxiv lawm thiab kom loj hlob rau yav tom ntej. 

Kev tshawb thiab tsim lus Hmoob kom rub tau peb Hmoob thoob ntuj rov los rau ib hom lus mas HLI pom zoo ua raws li cov niam tswv yim hauv qab no.


 Hmong Language Inc 

Research and Study Criteria

In order to help guide us in our search of, and improve, our language which, many fear, is losing, the Hmong Language, Inc. (HLI) has adopted the following criteria.

  1. We work locally but think globally in respect to the potential of bringing our Hmong linguistically closer together.
  1. We must agree that White and Green Hmong are from the same linguistic origin. Agreeing so, much of our dialect differences is not due to branches (White or Green) but due to tone and vowel changes over time and space. 
  1. Before developing new words, we must first research within our Hmong communities throughout the world and adopt from one another. The idea is to eventually make easier for our Hmong throughout the world to learn each other's dialect with the hope that one day we all can speak and write the same language, again. Thus, for example, over 3 million Hmong in Yunnan and Vietnam have used the word “kiab” for week for decades or hundreds of years. So, why should we create a new word for week which will linguistically drive us one word further apart?
  1. Since a great percentage of our words was loaned from the Chinese, and Chinese language is linguistically closer to Hmong’s, we may want to stay consistent with Chinese for our loanwords. This means when looking for new words we must first look within our Hmong, then Chinese, and then beyond. Doing so will be easier for Hmong throughout the world to integrate our dialects since the majority already knows Chinese.
  1. Such universal words like TV, phone, computer, website, etc should be accepted with linguistic modification to fit our language. So, they should simply be “this vis,” “foos,” “koos phis tawj,” and “vas sab.” We should not compromise our loanwords by matching or adopting their foreign pronunciations or our tones of language will be changed accordingly. E.g. email should not be “is mis aos” but simply “is mias" or "is mais." America should simply be “Mes kas.”
  1. If a new word needed to be created, it should have good historical foundation such as the word "kiab" for week or good connectivity to other Hmong words such as "vas sab" for website, “qauv pwm haiv” for popular culture, or kev "ras haiv" for nationalism.
  1. Much of our words can be recovered from our folktales, songs and rituals. E.g. “nqaws tiab, nqaws tsho, nqaws awv.” “Nqaws” must have a meaning which we no long know. So does “awv” which we no longer use.