08 | 05 | 2012
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Date : 08-05-12

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Ntawv Hmoob Nplog

The only publications written in the Hmong Lao Script I can find thus far are a Bible and a song book, and both are properties of the Hmong Archives. A primer could not be located. Any lead to a copy would be greatly appreciated.

Here are sample pages taken from the Christian song book entitled "Cov Ntseeg Yesxus Tej Zaaj Nkauj," written in Green Hmong dialect. Those know Lao well can read this script without much difficulty.

This Hmong Lao Script was initially developed in 1948 by Lor Fong, the younger brother of Fai Dang Lor. It was first taught within the Lor kinship in Xieng Khoung City around 1950. Khamsoun Lor was one of the first to learn it and teach others.

According to Chuhue Xiong, this Hmong Lao Script was promoted by Hang Chao in 1964, and he got endorsement from the Central Lao Government to made this script the official Hmong writing system. Thus, it was further developed and improved with the help of William Smalley. Soon afterward, Bible and song book were published in this script for the Hmong Christians.

While this script may be the official one, it was in competition with the more popular Hmong RPA Script developed since 1953 by Yves Bertrais, Linwood Barney, and William Smalley. In the early 1970s and especially after 1975, the Hmong Lao Script was over taken completely by the Hmong RPA Script.

Currently only a handful people can fluently read and write this Hmong Lao Script.







 Transliteration of No. 148:1

Yesxus coj kuv moog kev ntshaav ntuj
Kuv paub le nuav kuv zoo sab kawg
Kuv moog qhov twg ua dlaab tsi hab
Tus Tswv Yesxus coj kuv moog tag tag

     Nwg coj kev moog
     Nwg tuav kuv teg coj kuv moog kev
     Kuv vaam khom nwg kuv nrug nwg moog
     Vim Yesxus tuav kuv teg coj kuv moog