08 | 05 | 2012
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Date : 08-05-12

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Ntawv Txawj Zeb

Cher Ze Xiong, currently living in Chicago, IL, began developing the Cher Ze Script in the early 1950s and published his primer in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Like many other scripts, this one is among the least known to the Hmong community. Besides the author himself, Coj Tseeb Xyooj might be the only one who had learned this script.

To the left here is the cover of his primer, all hand written and rather hard to follow. No computer fonts have been generated for this script. It is a alphabet based script with consonants, vowels, and tone markers. It is different from other Hmong scripts for the reason that, like Chinese, it provides some sort of radicals in front of the word to indicate meaning of the word, whether that word is used for human, animal or thing. It also has a lot of non-Hmong vowels to accommodate non-Hmong sounds and words such as iao, ern, eo, etc.

Cher Ze was one of the few educated Hmong in Laos during the Secret War. He was sent to Russia and Portland to attend school. He came back to Laos a few years before the country was taken over by the Communists. He fled to Thailand and then to the United States, and has lived most of his life in Chicago area.

Below are some excerpts from his primer.






Consonants (Keeb)






Vowels (Suab)

Tones (Cim)



Samples of Words and Texts